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Car No. 10 Car No. 10

First Trolleyfest Photos

Trolley Car No.10 is back ... On track!

Pictures by Dave Bartlett, late September 1999
Workers prepare to clamp wire

Wire being paid out

Test Run of Car No. 10!

Pictures by Bruce Thain, late September 1999, showing the trolley wire being strung:

Workers and Ford "Line Car" string wire

Knowing the car will run for Trolleyfest, some workers pose for a picture with the car. L-R Dave Bartlett, Sam Bartlett, Tom Kehoe, Fred Perry, Mike Cole, John Greene, Chris Kilgour, Joe Pagano, Bruce Thain.

Pictures by Al Barten, at Trolleyfest:

Car No. 10 (and balloons) westbound.

Car No. 10 eastbound, festival in background.

Kinsley Goodrich changes ends at Salmon Falls Showroom.

Pictures by Bill Brandt, at Trolleyfest:

Grace and Marshall Johnson, Win Peck and Kinsley Goodrich

Frantic last minute preparations.

President Tony Jewell unveils Car No. 10.

Balloons released for unveiling.

Pictures by Dave Bartlett, the weekend after Trolleyfest:

Car No. 10 departing, with Fall Foliage.

Car No. 10 arriving, with Fall Foliage.

Closeup of passenger end of Car No. 10.

Closeup of freight end of Car No. 10

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Trolley Car No.10 is back ... On track!

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