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In Memory of Larry Krusz

Trolley Car No.10 is back ... On track!

Larry Krusz
Larry and wife June. Larry rarely allowed himself to be photographed.

The Shelburne Falls trolley museum was saddened to learn of the passing of one our Volunteers of the Year, Mr. Larry Krusz.
Larry Krusz, our Volunteer of the Year in 2018, passed away February 19, 2022. His obituary is at I first met Larry when I was a Ski Patroller at Berkshire East, where he was a lift operator. We spent many hours in the lift shack talking about trains as we looked down on his farm at the bottom of the mountain. Larry kept coming by the Trolley Museum, at first to ask questions about Steam 10, the Baldwin 0-4-0 we had in our collection for a while. Later he got involved when we started building the Car Barn. Larry's biggest contribution was to design and build the large track doors for the Car Barn. We worked collaboratively on the design and Larry brought his engine driven welder and skills as a welder to cut and weld the heavy-duty frame for these doors. You can't really see it with the siding on the doors but they are designed to withstand hurricane force winds. Larry also helped with track work and other aspects of the Car Barn construction. He liked to ride on the trolley but made it clear that working with the public was not of interest to him.
Sam Bartlett

Photos of Larry Krusz at SFTM
Larry Krusz
Larry is laying out the pieces of the Car Barn track door frames so that the pieces can be cut out with all the correct angles.
Larry Krusz
Larry is welding the hinges of the Car Barn track door frames. These frames weight half a ton, so we had to plan carefully to get them properly hung.
We'll miss you Larry!

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Trolley Car No.10 is back ... On track!

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