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Organizational Information

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The Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, our Tax ID number is 04-3133373.

(as stated in Articles of Incorporation)
To promote the progress and general welfare of and to develop and contribute to the heritage of the community of the United States of America, the Commonwealth of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by:
Preserving the railroad/trolley history and artifacts of the area.
Collecting and maintaining historical data pertaining to the history and significance of the trolley/railroad to the United States of America, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and, in particular, to the county of Franklin area of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Maintaining a museum for the display of trolley/railroad artifacts of the area for the benefit of the public at large.
Assisting in the development of projects and activities in cooperation and coordination with governmental and civic bodies, and education institutions in educating the public in the history of the trolley/railroads in Franklin County.
And all other activities within the scope and subject to the provisions of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 180.
Notwithstanding the above the Corporation shall not conduct any activity in violation of Section 501(c) of the IRS Code.
This corporation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) of the IRS Code.

Mission Statement
(Approved 5/27/2001)
To preserve railroad and trolley history and artifacts, especially of the Franklin County, Massachusetts area, and to educate the public about these artifacts and historical information through collection, restoration, display, demonstration and interpretation.
This mission is carried out by:
1) Preserving railroad and trolley history and artifacts by collecting, restoring and displaying trolley cars, locomotives, rolling stock, tools, equipment, photographs, ephemera and other items associated with the purpose, use, operation, function, study and enjoyment of railroads and trolleys.
2) Recreating the experience of an early-1900's rural street railway by giving rides on our demonstration railway on restored trolley and railroad equipment. The rides include interpretive talks on the history and uses of the equipment, the importance to the community of the services the railroad and trolleys provided and their role in the development of the community.
3) Offering educational programs to area schools and organizations about the history of the local trolley and railroad operations.
4) Restoring and maintaining the historic freight house and yard to demonstrate their significance on the community.

The following is information regarding the organization of the museum, in pdf format unless otherwise indicated.

Here is our IRS 501(c)3 determination.
In compliance with recent Federal regulations, you may view our Form 990's here, or at
Here is our 2019 990 (~22MB).
Here is our 2018 990 (~22MB).
Here is our 2016 990 (~22MB).

Here is our Massachusetts DOR Form ST-2.

Here is our Massachusetts DOR Form ST-5.

Here is our Massachusetts Certificate for Solicitation.

A copy of our bylaws can be found here.

A copy of our Articles of Organization can be found here.

Here is our Five Year Plan written in 2017.

Here is the President's 2022 Final Report on the 2017 Five Year Plan.

Here is our Five Year Plan for 2022.

Trolley Car No.10 is back ... On track!

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