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Train Safe 2004

Trolley Car No.10 is back ... On track!

Safety Train Arrives
GRS 351 on EDWJ brought the train up from West Springfield.

“Train Safe 2004,” an Emergency Preparedness and Public Safety Exposition was held at the Buckland Railroad Yard/Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum on Sunday May 16th from noon until 4 PM.  The Public Safety Exposition featured a variety of safety groups who had displays open for viewing by the public. “Train Safe 2004” featured a visit to the Buckland Rail yard from the Firefighters Education and Training Foundation’s Safety Train. The Safety Train consists of three of the most common types of tank cars in the industry.

Full sill car
MCVX 87527 is a DOT 105, which carries Chlorine. This car is a full sill car,
but it doesn't have to be to carry Chlorine.

Whale belly tank car
MCVX 17572 is a DOT 112, used to carry LPG or Anhydrous Ammonia.

Pressurized car
MCVX 23531 is a Dot 111A which is a general service car that could carry anything
from candle wax to a hazardous material, if placarded.

The tank cars are empty and are not used for transporting materials anymore, they are for 'hands-on' training in types of tank cars and their hatches, vents, etc.

Classroom car
MCVX 368381 classroom car was built at the Pennsylvania Railroad Car shop
at Hollidaysburg,PA. It was built as an insulated box car for beer service.
This car was dedicated to owner John O'Neill's son John R. O'Neill II
on July 30, 2002 in West Springfield, MA.

351 runs around
351 ran around the train at CPF402, then back to CPF398,
then back onto the train for the shove into the yard.

Coming into the yard
The first move across Elm St on this track since the coach arrived in 1998.

south track
Under several watchful eyes the four cars and one engine move up the South Track.

Spot classroom car
John Greene and owner John O'Neill spot the classroom car.

Two locomotives
What do you suppose GRS351 and steam 10 have to say to each other?

Saturday May 15, 2004 was set aside for training classes for firefighters, police, board of health members, etc. to learn about how to respond to and take care of a hazardous materials incident.
Classes begin

Car 10 approaches

Classroom car ready for business
The tents are set up, the classroom car is open, here comes No. 10.

Chef Dane
Chef Dane Donato and LEPC director Lisa White check out the BBQ preparations.

John O'Neill explains the salient details of a DOT 112 "Whalebelly" tank car.

Sunday May 16, 2004 was the Public Safety Expo.  Among the organizations with presentations for the Public Safety Expo were the Firefighters Education and Training Foundation’s Safety Train, the region’s Mass Decontamination Trailer, the American Red Cross, Northfield Dive Team, Northfield Mountain Nordic Ski Patrol and the Franklin County Citizens Emergency Response Team.  A barbeque and live music by John Mlynick were also provided.  Here are some views from the Expo:
Haz Mat Team



Mass Decon etc.

Dive Team

Set up on the old creamery, next to steam 10's tanks, John Mlynick provided music.

The Class Room Car was open to the public.  Let's take a look inside:
Class Room car
With the plug door open, the entrance looks like a school house.

Class room inside

Class room ceiling
Air conditioned, carpeted and nicely detailed, the car is an ideal classroom for safety classes.

Wednesday May 19, 2004 was the evening set aside for a simulated haz mat incident.
Oh, no! Someone drove into the side of the train!  Looks like that tank car is leaking.

Put on your protective gear, make the area safe for the rescue.

Go in and get him.

He's out
Off to the ambulance he goes!

View of the command post at the top of Depot Street.

GRS 518
GRS 518 came at 2200 to pick up the Safety Train.

All photos courtesy of Sam Bartlett and Nate Bartlett.  Reuse is encouraged, please credit the Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum if pictures are reused.  Higher resolution copies are available, contact us.

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Trolley Car No.10 is back ... On track!

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